Vehicle Entry

We can gain access to all vehicles using non-destructive entry techniques, getting you back on the road in next to no time!

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Lost car keys

We can produce a new working key for your vehicle at the road side, using the latest diagnostic programming equipment and know how.

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Using specialist equipment and methods we can produce keys for SAAB, Toyota, Lexus, Fiat and Alfa Romeo in lost key situations

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Specialist Services

Alfa Romeo Car Keys

FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, SAAB, TOYOTA and LEXUS are known for being notoriously expensive if all keys are lost, we at the CAR KEY COMPANY can produce keys for your vehicle at the road side saving you £££ on the alternative, that being the main dealer, where you will be waiting upwards of a week and in the majority of cases prices starting from the £700 mark, now factor in the cost of towing the car to the garage and making alternative means of transport until the job is completed! If you find yourself in this situation call ‘THE CAR KEY COMPANY’ where we can get you back on the road in next to no time, and best of all we are guaranteed to cost a fraction compared to the alternative!


Reprogramming Car Keys

If you have been unfortunate enough to have lost all the keys to your SAAB and you are faced with the prospect of having to have the vehicle towed to your local dealer where it will remain for on average over 7 days while the dealer orders in a new TWICE Unit (Theft Warning Integrated Central Electronics unit) or CIM (Column Integrated Module) dependant on model. The manufacturer did not make available the option to dealers to program new keys to your car in a lost key situation, they would much rather pass the cost of new parts onto yourself. The car key company can help in this situation, we have specialist equipment and techniques that allow us to produce a new SAAB key for your vehicle without the need to replace parts, have the vehicle towed, or be without your car for days!

Locksmith for Cars

TOYOTA Since 1995c. use a master/sub key system, a master key is required to program keys into the system, if the master key is not available/lost the dealer will still be able to complete the job though they will have to replace the ECU/immobiliser or both in order to achieve this, and this will obviously have an impact on the price of your new/spare key. The same can be said for a lost key situation, though you will also now have the additional cost of towing the vehicle to the dealers where it will sit until the new parts are delivered and fitted, quotes in the region of £700 - £1400 for such jobs are not unheard of, plus the loss of your car for at least 7 days. If you find yourself in this situation why not contact the CAR KEY COMPANY where we can help in both cases, we use specialist equipment and techniques that allow us to achieve all this at the road side, cutting the time and price of the job down!

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